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Inside the Dragon's Den: Our December Fireside Chat Uncovered

December's Fireside Chat was an absolute delight, and true to form, our Dragons didn't disappoint! The energy was infectious, and the insights gleaned were as valuable as they were varied. Here's a snapshot of the key takeaways that are shaping our journey forward.

At the forefront of our strategy is client acquisition, where the personal touch reigns supreme. Our team excels in face-to-face interactions and trade shows, creating connections that aren't just professional but personal. And then, there's our referral program – a real game-changer. It's not just about bringing new clients into the fold; it's about rewarding those who do. Can you imagine earning up to $500 for a significant referral? That's our way of saying, "Thank you for growing with us!"

Our clients' unique needs drive our operations, especially in terms of event days and locations. While this limits our control, it also opens doors to creating bespoke experiences, particularly in Texas, our current operational hub. But don't let that fool you – we have our sights set on expanding beyond the Lone Star State.

Adapting to better communication methods has been a key focus. Transitioning from email to potentially using Discord for job notifications reflects our commitment to staying abreast with the latest trends and what works best for our team.

Our approach to no-shows is uncompromisingly strict. It's a tough stance, but necessary to maintain our reputation and integrity. Each no-show is a missed opportunity that we take seriously.

On the technology and scheduling front, we're actively seeking solutions to streamline our operations. The idea of developing an app and the plan for a capital raise in Q1 are steps towards enhancing our technological edge and team expansion.

In the realm of sales and marketing, we're storytellers at heart, particularly when it comes to luxury items like premium tequila. It's all about the art of engaging customers through the unique stories behind each product.

Our company culture is our heartbeat – it thrives on community, open communication, and active employee involvement. It's a culture that values feedback and fosters a sense of belonging and collective growth.

As we continue to expand both geographically and digitally, we're embracing a blend of traditional and modern approaches to reach a broader audience. Remember, these Fireside Chats are not just informative but also a platform for you to make your voice heard. So, don't miss the next Fireside Chat with Lamar Romero! Bring your questions, insights, and enthusiasm – let's keep the conversation going and the ideas flowing!



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