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Unveiling Tequila Crafting: A Journey with Doc Swinson

Our Dragon Brand Ambassadors had the unique opportunity to delve into the world of tequila with the "Meet the Maker" event, featuring one of the brands they proudly represent, Doc Swinson. This was no ordinary gathering; it was a chance for our ambassadors to connect personally with the artistry and passion behind the brand, exploring the depths of tequila making from field to bottle.

The event unfolded a narrative of tequila expressions from Blanco to Extra Añejo, each revealing its own story and craftsmanship. The ambassadors were guided through the nuanced world of Añejos, admired for their whiskey-like complexity and rich, dessert-like nuances, providing them with insights to share in their storytelling and customer engagements.

Intriguing discussions highlighted Doc Swinson's innovative production methods, such as the unique use of champagne yeast in fermentation, and the serenading of yeast with classical music, reinforcing the belief that a happy fermenting process leads to superior tequila. This level of care and creativity sparked conversations among the ambassadors, enhancing their appreciation for the brand's dedication to quality.

Sergio Cruz, from Feliciano Vivanco, emerged as a figure of inspiration, representing a new wave of tequila makers. His innovative approach and experimental methods in using different yeasts and production techniques were not just informative but truly inspiring, illustrating the dynamic future of tequila crafting.

A particular highlight was the exploration into the creation of rosé tequila, aligning with modern trends while maintaining authenticity. This endeavor wasn't just about adapting to preferences but about creating a tequila that genuinely resonates with the essence of rosé wine, showcasing the innovative spirit of Doc Swinson.

Through market insights, our ambassadors learned about the distinctive position of Doc Swinson’s tequilas, particularly the Extra Añejo, in the competitive landscape. Understanding the consumer's leaning towards sweeter profiles helped them grasp the strategic use of agave nectar, enhancing their ability to connect with and educate the consumers.

The event was as much about education as it was about appreciation, with discussions on the best ways to savor each tequila type, enriching the ambassadors' knowledge and experience. This was complemented by an engaging Q&A session, where the intricacies of water sources, NOM importance, and the subtleties of flavor enhancement were explored.

Looking forward, the talk of ongoing product refinement and innovation signaled a journey of continuous improvement and excellence in the tequila world, which our ambassadors are now more equipped to share and celebrate.



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