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Unveiling the Heart of Hire Dragons with Lamar Romero - January Fireside Chat Recap

Lamar Romero, the CEO and co-founder of Hire Dragons, shared a cozy evening with our Dragon Brand Ambassadors, delving into the heart and soul of the company. Lamar, along with Laura Valentino Romero, has been steering Hire Dragons through a dynamic journey of growth and innovation for over a decade, nurturing a family of 5,000 strong brand ambassadors across six states.

The evening was more than just a conversation; it was a deep dive into the core of Hire Dragons, revealing the strategic and personal elements that drive our success. Lamar shared the impressive growth trajectory of the company, which has been doubling in size annually since 2020, reflecting a 45% increase over the last year. This growth isn't just in numbers but also in the expansion of our product portfolio, reaching into the realms of non-alcoholic trends, including energy and specialty protein drinks.

Technology plays a pivotal role in our strategy, with Lamar discussing the development of a mobile app designed to streamline operations and enhance communication. This technological leap, alongside tools like "You Can Book Me" for scheduling, underscores our commitment to innovation and efficiency in a digital-first world.

Lamar also highlighted the importance of internal development, where many of our ambassadors, affectionately known as "dragons," have risen to leadership roles, embodying the ethos of opportunity and growth within the company. This nurturing of talent is part of our inclusive approach, fostering a culture where every dragon has the potential to soar.

In discussing business strategies, Lamar shed light on the active pursuit of new clients and market expansion, with an eye on diverse collaborations, such as with Three Chord Bourbon. This approach isn't just about widening our client base but also enriching our ambassadors' experiences with a variety of brands and products to represent.

Operational challenges, such as gig notifications and app enhancements, were openly addressed, illustrating Hire Dragons' responsive and problem-solving ethos. The establishment of a Chief Technology Officer position and a dedicated software team further indicates our serious approach to overcoming hurdles through technological solutions.

The Fireside Chat was not only informational but also a testament to the company's warm and personable culture. Lamar's interactions, filled with anecdotes and friendly banter, showcased the genuine connections within our team. This closeness extends to how we conduct business, prioritize product knowledge, and engage with each other and the brands we represent.

Product education is paramount at Hire Dragons, as evidenced by Lamar's detailed discourse on Sotol and Tequila, emphasizing the depth of understanding required to authentically represent these spirits. This dedication to knowledge and authenticity is a cornerstone of our training and ambassadorship.

As the evening wound down, the discussion of future plans and strategies painted a picture of a forward-thinking, adaptive, and passionately driven company. Hire Dragons, under Lamar’s leadership, is not just navigating the current market landscape but actively shaping the future of brand ambassadorship. Hire Dragons Fireside Chat



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